Online LinkedIn for businesses. Coming week commencing 26th March 2018.

AIContexx is LinkedIn for content, marketing and events.

For Members

AIContexx can provide you with all the tools to build an exclusive content-driven community where you can:


Our bespoke system monitors content and trends across all social media channels and we flag any suitable connections to help grow your community and business connections.


We provide a platform to share all your valued content and utilise relevant content from Experts across all market sectors.


Track how and where your content is being viewed. Through your own personalised dashboard you can analyse all your community interactions, contents requirements and community.


Utilise the wealth of information generated by our market-leading, AI-driven engine to form partnerships which could transform your business.


For Experts

AIContexx has engaged with some of the world’s leading organisations who are recognised thought-leaders in their fields. We work closely with our Experts to ensure that the best content is made available to reach Members in its most original, educational and useful form. Through our innovative AI-driven systems, Expert partners will benefit from bespoke solutions to match their content, marketing and event needs.