AskMerlin is a powerful cloud-based billing software aimed at the telecommunications market.

SOLD – 2016

AskMerlin has been developing bespoke telecoms software since 2005. At the heart of the AskMerlin proposition is a fully bespoke software platform designed specifically for the Telecoms market. It has been painstakingly developed to enforce efficient business processes, robotically manage orders, handle all ticketing as well as managing other important aspects of a business.

The robotic nature of the software gives Coms huge scale with being able to transact hundreds, thousands or even millions of orders and transactions per day, per hour 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

Some of the features of the software include:-

Sales management tools, support / helpdesk tools as week as ticketing, finance and billing which includes revenue assurance, marketing and ROI tools, HR tools managing people as well as a host of reports in all areas.

Portal development and business automation

The software also has a number of customer facing portals where fully automated ordering, end to end including billing can be achieved with lines, calls, broadband and connectivity, inbound services, hosted telephony, SIP trunking, porting, mobile, hardware etc. Customers can also report faults directly into the Coms network if they wish and bypass helpdesk and any human interaction making resolution of fault times quicker. Data quotes, reporting as well as a host of other services are available to Coms partners.

The software can also act as a partner billing platform if they wish through the Coms CVR proposition (Coms Virtual Reseller)