Smart Trade App

Mobile APP card payment and paperwork management.

In late 2012, was founded by Keld van Schreven and Catherine Woolgar in an attempt to increase efficiency in job lead generation for plumbers. Their efforts led to a ‘Hailo for Plumbers’ service but soon noticed inefficiencies in the way small businesses were run and their difficulties of managing payments and paperwork. They started with plumbers and tradesmen asking them ‘Do you want to run your business on the move in a better way?’ and the answer was ‘Yes. I do!’ At the time merchants had to apply for a costly card reader, merchant account and patch several software solutions together just to run a small business on the go. Keld and Catherine knew there was a better way and the result was a simple, elegant app. SmartTrade App was born in January, 2014, and is a remarkable ‘world first’ app that allows small business owners to take card payments by scanning any customer credit or debit card using only their phone – no card reader is needed. Thats where the magix starts as they go totally paperless and run their company on the move with just an app. SmartTrade App even created a new mobile payment category called APOS meaning Application Point of Sale.

Now, over two years later, SmartTrade App has a near five star rating on app stores and is used by over twenty five different merchant types including tradesmen, beauticians, taxi companies, B&Bs, designers and charities. SmartTrade App can also be found in national exhibition shows as their preferred mobile card payments solution provider. Delighted small businesses now run their operations on a more streamlined and cost effective basis than ever before with SmartTrade App. SmartTrade App is easier to use to take mobile card payment and offer more value than any other service in today’s market for mobile card readers.

SmartTrade App is at the forefront of the British Fintech software movement working with both small businesses and large merchant organisations who benefit from the app through either reselling our solution or a white labelled version. SmartTrade App underpins thousands of merchant accounts across the UK. SmartTrade App is shortlisted for Best Initiative Mobile Payments 2017 and won Best Mobile Payment Solution 2016 at the UK Payment Awards;

Whether you are self-employed or run a large team, we want to make sure your everyday business is as streamlined and cost-efficient as it can be!

Whether you accept one card payment every two months or do several per day, we are more than happy to have a chat over the phone or a coffee in the office with anyone who`d like to stop by!